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Psychotherapy services for individuals


In experiential psychotherapy, a genuine and confidential space is created to explore life’s troubles with compassion, curiosity, and courage. As Stephen Levine wrote, “therapy is the place of healing where awareness with compassion can enter that which has been withdrawn from in judgment and fear.” This is not easy work, yet this work done in therapy can be transformational, empowering, and liberating.

Psychotherapy imagined
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About me

As a psychotherapist, I take a relational and compassionate approach. Pillars to my practice are unconditional regard, authenticity, compassion, curiosity, mutuality, and playfulness. I integrate with many modalities and most of all I am client-centered.


This means that I believe the healing capacity and the answers are in you and are about you! Real change happens from the inside out, is a movement of growth, and is a two-way (reciprocal process).

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