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A great therapist named Rollo May once said, “Accepting ourselves as always becoming means potentially in crisis...when one age is dying and the new one not yet born, the individual is either homeless and lost or achieves a new self-consciousness.”

Real change and healing happens from the inside out, is a movement of growth, and is a two-way (reciprocal) relational process. It begins to occur as we bring hidden parts of ourselves and hidden parts of our experience into the light of compassionate awareness.

Together with your therapist, within the therapeutic relationship, you may discover, become, heal, and grow. Whatever you seek in therapy, it will be with respect and gratitude that I commit to walking beside you on this path. 

In therapy through engaging in the story of our life through awareness and connecting through compassion and curiosity with our thoughts, emotions, and felt somatic experiences, all within the relationships we are embedded within, we can discover an inherent power. This is the power within ourselves to recreate and reauthor more meaningful lives, relationships, and identities for a renewed future. This is our own inherent healing potential. This healing power is found, enhanced, and operates through the experience of connection with life itself, in and through ourselves. Not just connections with other humans, but for many of us, also our non-human-animal counterparts, nature itself, and spirituality. 

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