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  • Robert Piro

compassion for our many parts

In learning the practice of being kind with ourselves we simultaneously turn on healing within each our own system (natural opiates, oxytocin, vasopressin, heart energy ...) and engage the liberatory work of compassion that ripples into the world we live in. This is to say with compassion, we can transform both the internal landscape within (of parts and the experiences and burdens they carry) as well begin to offer this same energy out to others and the world around us. Healing begins inside and is a movement of growth. A growth and energy that we can first bring to our own inner concerns and experiences that shaped/internalised our own reactions to being vulnerable, so that embracing ourselves (a.k.a. transformation and lighting up our within) we become empowered and emboldened to begin making a nurturing difference in the world about us.

I have put together nine unique group encounters to facilitate growth and healing through compassion work, This will be an online group, to begin this coming March. I am synthesising with Compassion Focused Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy, principles of Taoism and Buddhist thought and practice, as well a little bit of Brainspotting. I hope you can join us and be a part of the Way!

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