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  • Robert Piro

Parts Work for groups...

Richard Schwartz writes, "It is important to remember that your ability to remain the "I" in the storm is strongly related to your ability to be the primary caretaker of your own parts."

In Parts Work for Groups my intention is to help foster and co-create with each of you a virtual space, without and also within each our own systems, to arrive at a compassionate resonance with each our own parts of experience while embedded in our broader ecology (the group, each other). This is to bring the theories and applications of of compassion focused therapy, internal family systems therapy, relational cultural therapy, and brainspotting to new possibilities of healing by a connection that is symbiotic and synergetic of multiple sort of layers of consciousness (shared with and shard without). Please contact me if you would like to learn more and or participate in this new group experience as we take psychotherapy and healing to new places within the heart of being.

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