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  • Robert Piro


I am super excited and thrilled to be launching a new Compassion Focused Group Therapy Workshop for the Autumn Season. Our last group was a compassionate success and I am adding even more experiential activities with new insights from recent research and from more digging in our own spiritual traditions of the past. The more I study and train in compassionate modes of psychotherapy the more I am astounded. Astounded at the experiences that unfold within the context of compassionate psychotherapy and training. Astounded at the scientific evidence that points to compassion being the Way to not only healing our own wounds, but also healing in our relationships, reduction in physiological stress, better overall well being, even enhancing our genetic expressions. From findings from the Max Plank Institute that show up to a 50% reduction in actual cortisol(stress) responses with compassion work to research that found that women with the experience of loving-kindness meditation had longer relative telomere lengths than controls (Gilbert, 2020; Hoge et al, 2013). I hope you may consider joining in on this compassionate endeavour as we are all (each other) necessary parts to the Way of Compassion. Email me for more details!!!

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